Rhino: Level 1

Susan helped me achieve confidence on my Rhino modeling skills by organizing a tailored sequence of classes aimed to consolidate my previous general knowledge with the new notions and techniques.
Classes were structured in 3 sections:- The theory part (in which she explained every tool function and it's application, with particular attention to shortcuts and tricks that are important to speed the process of modeling).- Exercises made to consolidate the above learned theory- The third part was particularly fun because we worked together on a complex project, trying to find the most possible ways to resolve it, leaving room to experimentation and improv, ranging from car design techniques to high jewelry solutions.
What I particularly liked about Susan teaching method was that she insisted on the importance of learning how to personalize the interface and learn how to write on the command tab, rather than spending time looking for the right button to click on the menus. This is a very professional way of approaching the work and teaches you to use Rhino in a more expedite way and also build your confidence and makes you able to build a vast array on techniques. All of this is very important in the work scenarios where you have to learn how to be multitasking and efficient at the same time.
I highly recommend to start a class section with Susan because she will be able to spot the weaknesses in your technique and mend them, or simply take you on from the basis and teach you all you need to know about Rhino in a very organic and seamless way.

Diletta Gioacchini


Rhino: Level 1

I had the pleasure of working with Susan when I took the Level 1 NURBS course that is advertised through the Rhino 3-D website. Although listed as a multi-student class, I was fortunate to take it as an independent study and received one-on-one instruction from Susan over a two day period. Susan’s knowledge of, and patience with, the program offers an ease of entry into the mechanics of using the software, teaching you multiple ways of accessing functions either by key-stroke, mouse-click, or command. She is very helpful in explaining how each function works and allowed me time to be able to access those functions and apply them to a modeled form. As an artist, I felt it was great to have committed hands-on time with the material with the added guidance of an attentive and experienced instructor. Because Susan is also an artist/designer, she took personal interest in my own projects and helped me problem solve some design issues, working with me to make the objects better. She even took it as a personal challenge when one of my models was posing a design problem and worked on it herself to come up with a solution. Ultimately Susan promotes a sense of excitement and engagement with the course material. She has a trained and practiced understanding of the soft-ware’s application within visual art and object making. She is a very hospitable host who sent off with plenty of resources including the a printed copy of the Rhino handbook and an open invitation to contact her for any additional guidance. I highly recommend Susan’s course to anyone interested in learning Rhino 3-D.

Israel Davis